Touch Screen Control

More control

All the parameters and programs can be controlled via a 15” state of the art touch screen computer, with special integrated software that allows visualizing and storing all the information as well as PC and Ethernet connection.

Easy to Monitor:

  • Allows control of up to nine EMERSON TECHNIK units with one touch screen
  • Comes as standard with over 40 different operating languages
  • Stores information for up to 30 days
  • Data can be collected via USB stick or SD card
  • Electronic keys – transponders – for different access levels for the operators, production managers, technicians and administrator.

How it works:

ViSoft is our own developed software for monitoring and controlling the units from a distance. The software comes preinstalled on an industrial state of the art PC and allows the connection of an unlimited number of chambers. The software allows storing or further processing the information regarding production, process and different parameters according to the customer’s and legislation requirements.


Features & Highlights


All our equipment is seamlessly designed, using state of the art materials and complying with rigorous industry standards. Beside our product innovation goals, we seek for a complete process integration, with our special software and interface that allows visualizing and storing all the information.

Flexibility assured by Open and Closed Smoking

For our smoke generators, both type of smoking systems are available as standard giving the possibility of choosing the optimal smoke circulation depending on the final product.

Attention to Details

  • Use of thick stainless steel sheets
  • Robust and adjustable hinges
  • Optimum airflow circulation
  • Anti-slippery floor treatment
  • Perfect sealing
  • Easy to monitor interface


Strong construction – Emerson Technik chambers


Thick stainless steel sheets used in all panels, reinforced and high density mineral rock wool.

emergency opening


Emergency door opening latch in order to prevent the accidental locking inside of the operators.



Strong pipes and connections to prevent heat and smoke loss.

automatic cleaning system


The cleaning system is operated from the EasyTouch touch screen computer, comes standard with cleaning agent dosing system and also with constant pressure water pump (optional).

Ventilators – air flow circulation


Strong ventilators over each trolley for optimum air flow circulation.

automatic door opening


Optionally, the door can be automatically opened at the end of the process or before showering, for a better maneuvering of final products.



Robust and adjustable lifting door hinges for perfect sealing.


The floors come with a standard 20 mm thick isolation and are reinforced for heavy traffic. Also, all the floors are anti-slippery, starting with the two trolley capacity.


The presence of both systems give the possibility of choosing the optimal smoke circulation.